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German Government continues support in the Educational and Water Sector in Jordan

Presentation of signed KfW Financing Agreement, September 2018

Presentation of signed KfW Financing Agreement, September 2018, © Salah Mansour / KfW-Group Office Amman

11.09.2018 - Pressemitteilung

Amman, 10.09.2018 H.E. Minister of Planning, Mary Kawar and Mr. Stefan Zeeb, KfW Director of the Middle East Department of the German Development Bank (KfW) have signed important Financing Agreements. The German Ambassador, Ms. Birgitta Siefker-Eberle, H.E. Minister of Education, Azmi Mahafzah and H.E. Minister of Water and Irrigation, Munir Oweis were present during the event. The signed agreements concern new programs in the educational and water sector and will be implemented by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Water and Irrigation through KfW, respectively.

With respect to education the German Government provides EUR 20 million of grant funds to support the financing of teacher salaries in Jordan in the new school year 2018/2019. The teacher salaries program will support the Government of Jordan in financing salaries for Jordanian teachers and administrative staff primarily in double shift and in some single shift schools attended by Syrian refugee children. The German Government has supported the financing of teacher and admin salaries in the past school years 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 with a total of EUR 40 Mio. The programme provided up to 5.800 employment opportunities, which increases capacities in the Jordanian school system to provide quality education to around 130.000 formally enrolled Syrian children.

Regarding the water sector, a concessional loan amounting to EUR 20 million for the financing of a Nexus Program was signed, which is part of a larger programme totaling EUR 50 million. The loan that was signed today, will be used for upgrading and extending As Salt wastewater treatment plant and the construction of a hydropower plant on the wastewater pipeline at Shounna.

More generally, the Nexus Program improves the collection and treatment of wastewater. Wastewater will be treated according to the highest international standards. It can therefore be used for irrigation while valuable drinking water can be saved for future generations. Furthermore, with the introduction of the latest construction technology, electrical turbines can be placed within the wastewater network. Due to gravity, the natural flow of waste water in the pipes will power the turbines that will in turn generate energy, without emitting harmful CO2. This will help Jordan mitigate the negative effects of climate change.

The Nexus Program commenced its activities successfully in 2017. Until today, measures under this programme include the wastewater Network of Shafa Badran, North of Amman, and the wastewater network of Sukhne in the Zarqa Governorate.

KfW finances investments and advisory services on behalf of the German Government. In Jordan the ongoing and envisaged projects with a main focus on water, sanitation and solid waste as well as education and employment promotion amount to about 1.3 billion EUR.

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