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Donors reaffirm their commitment to support Jordan to strengthen the education system to host all children in formal Schools.


Amman (September 17th, 2018). Australia, Canada, the European Union, Germany, Norway, the UK and the US announced today that they will continue to support Government of Jordan’s landmark commitment to provide quality education for every child in Jordan regardless of their nationality.

Through the „Accelerating Access to Education Initiative“ (AAI) the Government of Jordan with support from donors is delivering on this promise and providing quality public education to an estimated 130,000 Syrian refugee children. This includes: employing and training new teachers, financing salaries for teachers and administrative staff, opening additional double shift schools, purchasing school books, providing tuition fees, and covering costs for operations, and equipment in these schools.

Today, H.E. Minister of Education Dr. Azmi Mahafzah invited the donor community to the Ministry of Education to reiterate Jordan’s commitment to provide education for all children. H.E. Minister of Education Mahafzah provided an update on progress of the Ministry’s plan for „Accelerating Access“ and asked for the continuation of donors’ financial support for the 2018/2019 scholastic year. He said; „It gives me great pleasure to announce this support for the year 2018/2019. For the third year in a row, donor nations’ extended support to The Ministry of Education so that it can continue to work towards fulfilling its commitment towards providing quality education for all children. At a time where the educational system is facing increasing pressures and challenges, this support is seen as invaluable to help the Ministry deliver on its promises.“

In addition, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation follows all donors’ commitment to support Syria and the region made in the Syria conference held in London in February 2016. These commitments include supporting the Ministry of Education in the implementation of the „Accelerating Access to Quality Formal Education for Syrian Refugee Children“ plan while maintaining the provision of quality education.

Ambassadors and representatives of Australia, Canada, the EU, Germany, Norway, the UK, and the US made jointly available up to 51 million JD in order to cover a large proportion of the Ministry of Education’s requirements for the new school year. Donors committed additional funding in the amount of: Australia 2.7 million JD; Canada 2.7 million JD; the EU 10 million JD; Germany 17 million JD in new commitments; Norway 1.5 million JD; the UK 9.2 million JD; the US 0.7 million JD.

The Ministers and donors agreed that the focus of this year will be on reaching children still not in education including increasing access to Kindergarten and improving quality education provision. The Ministry of Education also confirmed that it will continue to focus on equity of education. Further, schools will be better equipped by providing electricity to all camp schools, increasing the number of libraries, computer labs and science labs in camp schools. The Ministry of Education with support from donors will continue to provide additional teachers and administrative staff for host communities and camp schools.

The Minister of Education and donors agreed to work together to continue to support the efforts of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation in providing, managing and orienting the external funds towards the prioritized programs and projects. Furthermore, His Excellency highlighted the importance of strengthening the quality and capacity of the education system to improve the learning outcomes for all children as set out by the recommendations of the National Strategy for Human Resources Development 2016-2025 and the Education Strategic Plan 2018-2022.

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